Sunday, September 29, 2013

Post Cancer Confessions: Turning Negative to Positive

1. Had one glass of wine this week. Will increase wine intake.

2. No more neck modeling. There's always ear modeling.

3. Singing career dashed. Can yodel like a pro.

4. Gaining weight without eating. Yoga, maybe a glass of wine.

5. A 12 inch neck scar, looks like an attempted beheading. One year later it's 10 inches - not positive enough, let me have a glass of wine and contemplate.

6. Countless dr. Appts, labs, tests, studies. Get away from work and depending on how I feel, go shopping.

7. The chaos of thyroid meds playing havoc on body, emotions, pretty much everything. Lots of meditation and more wine - okay judgy people, jesus drank wine!

8. Random awful radiation side effects. HELLO, spa weekend (w/wine of course).

9. Permanent nerve damage. Definitely learned how not to give self 2nd degree burns again.

10. Struggling working for corporate america. Writing more. Should probably catch up on my sorely neglected blog.....hey, where did I set my glass of wine down?!

11. Never feeling "normal" again. Ah crap, I'm out of wine.